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arctic fox zonked strip | Rabbit Magnum Zonker Strips 1/4"
Arctic Fox Zonker StripsBarred Zonker Strips

Artic Fox Zonker Strips are flowing, lifelike action. More durable than marabou. Best quality. Farm raised in Finland. Essential for bonefish, salmon/steelhead, trout flies

Ideal for large streamers. A full ¼" wide for maximum attraction. Black over-dyed barred rabbit strips duplicate realistic movement underwater.



Calf Tail Comparadun Hair
Calf Tail Comparadun Hair

Essential for tying anything from split-wing drys such as Wulffs, to bonefish patterns, and smaller flies requiring finer, more crinkly hair than bucktail. Our team loves this for the underwing of many streamers especially our favorite the zoo cougar.

The best hair for its fine texture and straightness and buoyancy. A must for tying Comparaduns and micro caddis. Perfect for the late spring season comparadun mayfly patterns and of course the Elk Hair Caddis.



Crosscut Rabbit Strips Deer Belly Hair Died over White
Crosscut Rabbit StripsDeer Body Hair

Premium-quality rabbit that has been crosscut. Wraps around hook shank for flesh flies, bunny spey, and saltwater baitfish. One of the most popular materials that every fly tying should own especially if you are streamer fishing

Deer body hair is ideal for tying wings and tails on medium to large floating patterns such as hoppers and caddis. Highly buoyant. Great for spinning those larger bass flies. 



Elk Hair Natural Hares Mask
Elk HairNatural Hares Mask

For Muddler heads, caddis wings, Wulff wings and tails, and Humpy wings and bodies. This works well for extended body dries such as adult dragons, damsels, hoppers and adult stone flies. Also great tail material.

The Hares Makes is a full range of spiky, buggy, variegated and mottled hairs that blend into the finest dubbing. The natural color is perfect for the Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear family of flies.



Pine Squirrel Zonker Strip | Premium Northern Bucktail Hair
Pine Squirrel Hide Zonker StripsPremium Northern Bucktail Hair

Full pine squirrel hide cut into 1/8" strips. Ideal for Matukas, Zonkers, and other streamers. In natural, olive, black, sculpin olive, brown, rust. 2 feet of material per pack. Made in USA.

The finest fly tying bucktails available--split, boned, washed, and dried flat. Bucktails are meticulously dyed and not greasy. A versatile fly tying material for all kinds of streamers, bucktails, steelhead, bass, and saltwater flies.



Rabbit Magnum Zonker Strips 1/4" sculpin wool |
Rabbit Magnum Zonker Strips 1/4"Sculpin Wool

Ideal for large streamers. A full ¼" wide for maximum attraction. Deeply piled for optimal movement and realism underwater. If you are an articulated streamer fisherman, this is a neccessity

Sculpin wool is great for tying wool head sculpin and swimming crab patterns. Natural material absorbs water and aids sinking. Use in place of deer hair for sculpin-type sinking flies.



Squirrel Tail | Yearling Elk Hair
Squirrel TailYearling Elk Hair

Squirrel tails have fine, barred hair for tying trout streamers and wets, bass bugs, and steelhead and salmon flies. A great durable, natural fly tying material that is easy to work with.

Fine hair with even tips. For small caddis, parachutes and René Harrop's Hairwing Dun series. If you are tying smaller sized winged flies 16 or smaller, this yearling elk hair will be the best. 



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