As a complete outfitter for the fly fishing experience, we love the excitement of new anglers to the sport. Fly fishing can seem very intimidating with dozens of fly rods, reels, and accessories to chose from. From years of outfitting beginners to this amazing sport, we here at ReelFlyRod have pieced together several complete outfit packages that we have chosen to help in the confusion and overwhelming process of selecting the right equipment for the correct fishing application. The Beginner Deluxe Fly Fishing Package is our complete fly fishing package including a fly rod, reel, net, waders, boots, and many other accessories. Not looking for waders or boots, we have you covered. We have introduced our Economy, Mid-Priced, and Premium Fly Fishing Packages that include everything you need to get started without the boots or waders. Each package is at a very reasonable price point for anyone on a budget. We know how important new fly fisherman is to the sport and at ReelFlyRod it is our job to get you outfitted professionally and correctly. Have a question, please feel free to contact the Fly Shop at 937-434-8472 or email us We hope to be your one and only fly fishing outfitter.

-The Staff of ReelFlyRod Outfitters 

Here are a couple Frequently Asked Questions to help you through your outfit selection.

 Left Hand Retrieve or Right Hand Retrieve: 

The question come about qutie often. For a fly angler just starting we suggest to you that you choose the opposite of hand that you feel comfortable casting and holding the rod, meaning if you cast right handed you retrieve left handed. Every reel can be switched either left hand or right hand retrieve, and we here at ReelFlyRod pride ourselves in being only a select few companies that will professionally rig you ready to fish what ever hand you retreive the fly with. 

What size rod and weight do I choose: 

A very important question. If you will be fishing primarily trout, smallmouth, panfish or smaller species in the 0-5lb range, we would suggest to you to outfit yourself with either 4wt-6wt. A 6wt Fly Rod is probably the most versatile fly rod weight for almost any fishing application. If you are primarily fishing larger fish in the 5-15lb range, A 8wt fly rod will do the best job for you. This could include not only saltwater fish, but larger freshwater species including Largemouth Bass, Carp, Salmon and Steelhead. Please let us know what type of species you are seeking and we will make sure that you are outfitted correctly. Email us or call us at the Fly Shop at 937-434-8472. 

What type of leader and tippet do I need:

As a generalization, the leader and the tippet depend on the weight of the fish you will be seeking and the type of fly you will be using. Most Leaders and tippets display the pound breakage point on the package. We suggest to outfit yourself with a leader and tippet that will have enough breaking strenght for the largest fish you may encounter. Please let us know what species you are fly fishing and we will make sure you be delivered the correct leaders for that fishing application. 



-Staff at ReelFlyRod Outfitters