Dyna-King Supreme Vise

Dyna-King Supreme Vise | Fly Tying Vise | ReelFlyRod
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Dyna-King Supreme Vise

Dyna-King Supreme Vise is constructed of the same stainless steel and aluminum parts as the Professional with a couple extra bells and whistles. The Supreme vise features a one adjustment to the hex nut allows you to pre-set the amount of pressure necessary to move the vise body, by grasping the vise body and placing it in the angle you wish. As a conventional vise, the Dyna-King Supreme vise features a 360 degree rotation allowing for all sides of the fly to be used. The rotation is very smooth and with the rotary screw lock, it will secure the vise from rotation in any position. This is a perfect next step up from the beginner vises for a fly tyer that is wanting a more durable, fully machined, pedestal vise to tie on.


  • One adjustment Hex Nut for precise tying angles
  • Hook Range: 8/0-22
  • Length, Jaw Tip to End= 5 1/2"
  • Height, Jaw Tip to Desk=7"
  • Weight, with Pedestal= 5.5lb


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