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4X Streamer Hook | ReelFlyRod Caddis Emerger Hook | ReelFlyRod
4X Streamer Hook Qty: Box 25Caddis Emerger Hook Qty: Box 25

4X Streamer Hooks are our favorite Woolly Bugger hook for fly tying. Good for short streamers and long nymphs such as stoneflies.

Caddis Emerger Hook is a short shank and a special curved bend make this light-wire hook perfect for shrimp imitations, caddis pupae, and caddis larvae.



Classic Extra Dry Fly Hook | ReelFlyRod Gamakatsu Stinger B10S Hook |
Classic Extra Dry Fly Hook Qty: Box 25Gamakatsu Stinger B10S Hook Qty: Box 25

Classic Extra Dry Fly Hooks are a classic, strong, all-purpose dry-fly hook. Great for tying all your favorite dry flies from caddis to mayflies. Standard wire fly tying hook with a round bend and turned down eyelet.

Gamakatsu Stinger B10S. The best bass bug hook available. Very popular use in articulated streamers in size 2-1/0. Great value. 25 pack



Heavy Wet/Nymph Fly Hook | ReelFlyRod PreSharpened Saltwater Hook | ReelFlyRod
Heavy Wet/Nymph Fly Hooks Qty: Box 25.PreSharpened Saltwater Hook Qty: Box 25

Heavy Wet/Nymph Fly Hooks are 1X short, have Sproat bend, and 2X strong wire, so your nymphs and wet flies sink well without added weight.

Presharpened Saltwater Hooks are ideal for bonefish flies, streamers, and tarpon flies. Sharpened and ground after the hook is forged--most stainless hooks merely have a forged point, which can never be as sharp. 



Scud, Shrimp, & San Juan Worm Hook Straight Eye Streamer Hook | ReelFlyRod
Scud, Shrimp, & San Juan Worm Hook Qty: Box 25.Straight Eye Streamer Hook Qty: Box 25

The Shrimp/Scud/San Juan Hook is the ideal continuous bend, down-eye 1X short-shank hooks. Strong 2X heavy wire hooks for tying your favorite scud, caddis, or shrimp fly patterns.

Straight Eye Streamer Hooks are perfect for streamers. Chemically sharpened—every hook extremely sharp; deep bronzing for exceptional rust resistance. Box of 25.



Traditional Nymph Hook | ReelFlyRod Trout and Steelhead Egg Hook | ReelFlyRod
Traditional Nymph Hook Qty: Box 25.Trout and Steelhead Egg Hook Qty: Box 25

Traditional Nymph Hook is the standard fly fishing hook for tying traditional mayfly nymphs, with a round bend and a 2X long shank. 1X heavy wire. Sizes: 4-18.

Trout and Steelhead Egg Hooks are designed to land big egg-eating fish.Short shank, heavy wire, wide gap hooks for greater setting power and more hook-ups when fly fishing big fish. Box of 25.



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