Hatch Nomad Pliers | Loon Rogue Forceps
Hatch Nomad Pliers Loon Rogue Forceps

Hatch Nomad Pliers are the end all, be all heavy duty saltwater pliers. Fully Machined for Bar Stock Aluminum and Stainless steel jaws, these workhorse pliers have the durability and constructin to last a lifetime. Free Shipping in U.S.

Top quality forceps with comfy grip and a matte black coating for stealth and just enough yellow to make them findable should they be dropped. Free Shipping in the USA.



Loon Rogue Nipper with Knot Tool Loon Rogue Quickdraw Forceps
Loon Rogue Nipper w/ Knot ToolLoon Rogue Quickdraw Forceps

The all-in-one nippers. Stainless steel cutting jaws, knot tool, hook clearing needle, and chain attachment. Free Shipping in the USA.

The ultimate hemostat, thoughtfully designed from the tips to the jaws to the handle. Easy to use, clips anywhere and loaded with features. Free Shipping in the USA.



Loon Rogue Scissor Forceps Loon Rogue Spring Creek Forceps
Loon Rogue Scissor ForcepsLoon Rogue Spring Creek Forceps

Large, durable hemostats equipped with a cutting edge to maximize versatility. Handles include comfy grip for added traction, even when wet. Free Shipping in the USA.

Lightweight and perfectly sized hemostats, including comfy grip. Bullet shaped jaws make quick work of hook removal and still have the strength to mash heavy barbs. Free Shipping in the USA.



Orvis Nipper | ReelFlyRod Orvis Pliers |
Orvis NippersOrvis Pliers

The Orvis Nipper is setting the standard on how a nipper should be designed and priced. Made in the USA, full bar stock aluminium, rotating eye cleaner, and a 80lb to 8x cut. Free Shipping in the USA

Orvis fly-fishing pliers are the finest on the market, ergonomically designed and made in the USA to work with the natural shape and angle of your hand. Offing excellent corrosion resistance and durability. Free Shipping in USA



Orvis Tie-Fast Knot-Tying Tool | Simms Guide Nipper
Orvis Tie-Fast Knot-Tying ToolSimms Guide Nipper

Tie-Fast Knot-Tying Tool will have you tying nail knots in seconds. From seasoned guides to first-time anglers, nail knots will become an afterthought. Free Shipping

Simms next-generation Guide Nippers combine aerospace-grade aluminum architecture with surgically-sharp jaws for ideal performance with light to heavy mono or fluoro leaders and tippet. Free Shipping in the USA



Umpqua River Grip Tool Kit| Simms Guide Plier |
Umpqua River Grip Tool KitSimms Guide Pliers

Everything you need to either get started on the water, The Umpqua River Grip tool kit features a clip on retractor, nipper and a 5 inch clamp/hemostat. Free Shipping in the USA

Simms Guide Pliers are redesigned, more durable, and better equipped to handle the day to day functions of heavy guide use. Made in the USA, the Simms Guide Plier is made for the demanding angler. Free Shipping in the USA



Hatch Nipper | Fishpond Barracuda Aluminum Razor Clippers
Hatch NippersFishpond Barracuda Aluminum Razor Clippers

Winner of the 2015 IFTD Best of Show Accessory Award, the Brand New Hatch Nipper will cut any type of material while fishing. The craftmanship, material, and cutter makes this the best nipper on the market. Free Shipping in the U.S.

Fishpond Barracuda Clippers take a fresh look at perhaps the most often used tool in fly-fishing. The patented, aerospace grade aluminum tubular body allows for comfortable and precise use for that perfect cut. Free Shipping!



Orvis Fly Fisher's Snip | Orvis Power Jaw Forceps |
Orvis Fly Fisher's Snip with ZingerOrvis Power Jaw Forceps

Fly Fishers Snip tool features cutting jaws that stay sharp and aligned. This snip is arguably one of the most utilized tools in any fly fishermans vest. Free Shipping

Orvis Power Jaw Forceps have great leverage and are capable of applying enough pressure to make it easy to debarb hooks. Orvis Power Jaw Forceps have half serrated jaws and 5" long with three-position lock. Free Shipping



Ergonomic Snips | River Grip 5" Clamp |
Orvis Ergonomic SnipsRiver Grip 5" Clamp

Ergonomic Snips are large in size. They have rubber padding on the handles making them the most comfortable and easy to use stainless steel nipper made. Free Shipping

River Grip 5" Clamp is a traditional favorite among anglers, this half-serrated, half-smooth jawed clamp with a hook eye cleaner has everything you need and nothing more. This clamp will tackle any job with ease.



River Grip Tungsten Carbide Nipper | Umpqua Dream Stream Hemostats from Free Shipping!
River Grip Tungsten Carbide NipperUmpqua Dream Stream 5" Clamp Hemostats

River Grip Tungsten Carbide Nipper's cutting edges bite through any sized tippet with ease. A rubberized grip and eye cleaner result in the perfect nipper.

Umpqua Dream Stream 5" Clamp Hemostats are constructed of high quality Stainless steel.  These precision Hemostats are perfect for releasing Trout and other Small species. Free Shipping! 



Dream Stream Nipper With Nail Knot Tool | River Grip Nipper |
Umpqua Dream Stream Nipper with Nail Knot ToolRiver Grip Nipper, Color Varies

Dream Stream Nipper is a workhorse nipper with a nail-knot tool at a great price. Bringing two essential tools into one.

River Grip Nipper's have a rubberized grip makes this essential tool easy to grip, nip and clip in wet or cold conditions. Comes with a convenient hook eye cleaner. An inexpensive tool that every angler needs in their pack.



Umpqua stainless Nippers
Umpqua stainless Nippers

The handy Stainless steel Umpqua Nippers are a must have while fly fishing on any stream or flat. Free Shipping!