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Sitka Incinerator Bib | Sitka Incinerator Bib |
Sitka Incinerator BibSitka Incinerator Jacket

The Sitka Incinerator Bib is your perfect companion to the Incinerator Jacket, 100% waterproof and guaranteed to to keep you warm through the elements  Free Shipping Worldwide | No Sales Tax

The Sitka Incinerator Jacker is a virtual walking sleeping bag that’s 100% waterproof, for all out maximum comfort.   Free Shipping Worldwide | No Sales Tax





Sitka Incinerator GTX Hat | Sitka Fanatic Glove |
Sitka Incinerator GTX HatSitka Incinerator Flip Mitt

The Sitka Incinerator GTX Hat keeps your head and ears warm and dry through all the elements. Boasting a GORE-TEX membrane to seal out wind and water. Free Shipping in the U.S.| No Sales Tax

The best defense against numb fingers in a biting cold, the Sitka Incinerator Flip Mitt wraps your digits together. Free Shipping in the U.S.